Paul McCartney & the Beatles Breakup

Paul McCartney Quits the Beatles

1969 was a pretty tough year for Paul McCartney, since he had to deal with the hard fact that The Beatles were basically finished. Still, it wasn’t as if he didn’t give things his best shot. Following the traumatic Get Back sessions, which had seen all of his best-laid plans for the band come unstuck, [...]

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John Lennon in New York City

America was a legend to John Lennon long before he ever left England’s shores. In his imagination it held pride of place as the mythical land that had spawned rock ‘n’ roll and was the home of his idol, Elvis Presley. In Liverpool,” John loved to say, “when you stood on the edge of the [...]

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Post-Hamburg Cavern Club Days

The Beatles returned to Liverpool from Hamburg in July of l96l and wasted little time in reclaiming their position as one of the city’s leading bands. During the week they resumed their regular lunch-hour and evening sessions at the Cavern Club. On the weekends, they played a circuit of suburban dance halls in Aintree, Litherland, [...]

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Ringo in The Movies

Ringo Peter Sellers

Shortly after the band stopped touring, and encouraged by the reviews that he had received for his acting in A Hard Day’s Night and Help!, Ringo asked Brian Epstein’s NEMS organization to scout for a solo movie role. Several were probably found, but the one that Ringo agreed to was, quite wisely, a small part [...]

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John Lennon on Fame

John Lennon and David Bowie cowrote the song “Fame” which opens with they lyric, “Fame, makes a man take things over. Fame, lets him loose, hard to swallow. Fame, puts you there, where things are hollow. Fame” John took to the idea of being famous rather easily. He’d always been confident about his talent, believing [...]

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